November 2019

Boston, MA, USA

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The Complement-based Drug Development Summit is returning to Boston this November! The focus of this year's meeting is to optimize complex discovery, biomarker validation & clinical translation to develop complement inhibition for rare and common diseases. This industry-focused summit provides a platform to share cutting-edge data, understand the current clinical landscape and gain feedback from the industry on the right pathways and indications to target to ensure clinical success.

Don't miss your chance to hear the views of Alexion, Ra Pharma, Genentech and many more, on the following key topics:

As the number of companies pursuing complement-based therapeutics is growing with a rapidly expanding pipeline, the field is set to explode! The time has come to seize the therapeutic opportunity of complement inhibition, not only in rare disorders but also for common disease indications.

Join the Complement Community in Boston this November 2018 to gain unique and novel insights into methods to accelerate your complement-based drug development.   Register today!

symbol logo This conference was one of the most organized conferences that I have ever attended. I have been in the business for 32 years. I know the difference… Thank you all for this great, productive, informative and fun event 2017 Complement Summit Attendee, Quidel
symbol logo There was a well-balanced mix of speakers representing early and late drug development efforts and approaches that have failed. We often only hear the success stories but one can learn maybe from the failures 2017 Complement Summit Attendee, Ablynx
symbol logo “This meeting gathered all experts in the field to share ideas and data. It was quite an eye opener. I feel I came home with excitement and a brand new mind towards my work in the field.” Past CVI Summit Attendee, Pfizer


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