November 13-15, 2018

Boston, MA, USA

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Optimizing Clinical Translation and Trial Design to Drive Targeting of Complement Inhibitors in Rare and More Common Disease Indicators

The hotly anticipated, 2nd Complement-based Drug Development Summit, will be returning to Boston this November! This leading industry-focused meeting is focused on optimizing clinical translation and trial design to drive the targeting of the complement inhibitors in rare and common disease indications

Across 3 content-packed days, the field’s thought leaders from InflaRx, Chemocentryx, Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Roche and many more will be sharing their expert insights on ways too…

Optimize Therapeutics in Rare and Common Disease Indications: Identify which indication would benefit most from complement therapy and which target has the potential for clinical success.

Understandi Complement in Physiology and Disease: Explore the newly identified role of intracellular complement involved in regulating key metabolic pathways.

Improve Translational Biomarkers in Complement: Explore the current standard of biomarkers as well as novel diagnostic markers which can demonstrate engagement at the local site.

Create the Next Generation of Standardised Complement Assays: Optimize complement assays to be translatable and standardised to allow for clinical comparisons.

Understand the Role of Complement in the Central Nervous System: Reflect on what complement modalities could be used to target CNS diseases.

Join the Complement Community in Boston this November 2018 to gain unique and novel insights into methods to accelerate your complement-based drug development. Register your interest today!

symbol logo “Overall an excellent programme with topical presentations and great opportunities to network with leaders in the field. The fact that it was a relatively small meeting with high level people made such interactions possible and made it hugely valuable.” Past CVI Summit Attendee, Virttu Biologics
symbol logo “This was an amazing meeting with a terrific turnout and engagement by industry. The advances in technology being made and the issues being addressed were extremely eye-opening.” Past CVI Summit Attendee, Prescient Healthcare
symbol logo “This meeting gathered all experts in the field to share ideas and data. It was quite an eye opener. I feel I came home with excitement and a brand new mind towards my work in the field.” Past CVI Summit Attendee, Pfizer


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