November 2019

Boston, MA, USA

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Complement UK

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Complement UK is a collaborative research & training network bringing together the research and educational aspirations of complement-oriented research groups throughout the UK, while forming closer links with industry.  Complement UK is formed of clinical, research and technological experts whose aim is to improve the understanding of complement and related disorders and more rapidly exploit this knowledge for the welfare of patients. Our goal is to;


  • Embrace areas of clinical and national importance including the potential for developing a National Complement Centre to enhance diagnostic measurements and complement typing useful in clinical practice and research development.
  • Increase the number of clinical and science trainees in the complement field to build and maintain progress in areas of expansion.
  • Demystify complement and engage with the public, to raise awareness of the importance of complement in chronic and age related diseases and need for progress with specific treatments.
  • Support investigation into new and important areas of chronic disease in which complement plays a role