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With the only approved complement therapeutic, Soliris, on the market for over a decade, the industry is overflowing with companies in clinical translation in a race for the next approval. The 2nd Complement-based Drug Development Summit encapsulates this excitement and provides one platform for every leading complement company to network and learn in an effort to overcome common challenges including:

  • Improve translational biomarkers in complement: Explore the current standard of biomarkers as well as novel diagnostic markers which can demonstrate engagement at the local site
  • Create the Next Generation of Standardised Complement Assays:Optimize complement assays to be translatable and standardised to allow for clinical comparisons
  • Understand Complement in Physiology and Disease: Explore the newly identified role of intracellular complement involved in regulating key metabolic pathways
  • Optimize Therapeutics in Rare and Common Disease Indications: Identify which indication would benefit most from complement therapy and which target has the potential for clinical success
  • Explore the Role of Complement in the CNS: Reflect on what complement modalities could be used to target CNS diseases


Last year we brought together the complement community to explore the potential of complement inhibition in rare diseases. This year we are getting bigger and better by exploring the wider potential of complement therapy in rare and common disease indication.

Attend this meeting to gain clear clinical understanding of the potential role of complement in common indications and identify which indication will be the next big opportunity for complement-based therapeutics.


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