About Event

Welcome to the 4th Annual Complement-based Drug Development Summit

The 2020 meeting is bringing you the latest clinical advancements in complement therapeutics. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, complement therapies are offering a glimmer of hope for us all. This year you can expect to hear from industry leaders showcasing the next generation of drugs aimed at complement system modulation, longer durations of action, organ-specific delivery and intracellular targeting.

Attend this event to:

Learn how different global leaders are employing state-the-art strategies to manipulate specific areas of the complement cascade within a range of disease indications
Analyse how to translate data from animal models into the human analog
Take advantage of three days of unparalleled networking and come away with the knowledge to overcome your end-to-end challenges from preclinical modelling to streamlining process development
Learn how to leverage translational biomarkers to accelerate development of complement directed therapies
Hear an update from the latest results coming out of the clinic