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Discover the Importance of Gathering Real World Evidence for Development and Launch of New Complement Therapeutics

Modulate the Alternative Pathway with a Diverse Pipeline of Targets and Modalities

Hear Clinical Trial Experience to Accelerate your Complement Therapeutics Through the Clinic

Revealing How to Create Translatable Assays to Measure the Functional Activity of Complement Therapeutics

Improving Translational Biomarkers to Enhance Understanding of the Complement System

This unique forum really is one of those “don’t miss” events, which is why I agreed to speak this year. I’m very impressed with the agenda connecting participants to a world-class speaker faculty on key areas from; developing translational biomarkers to discussing latest clinical data. Looking forward to meet and discuss with the experts in this exciting field”.  

Muneto Mogi, Executive Director, Global Discovery Chemistry, Novartis