The Only Industry Dedicated Complement Therapeutics Meeting

Optimize Novel Pathway Targeting, Assay Validation & Clinical Translation to Drive Complement Inhibition Development.

The 3rd Complement-based Drug Development Summit will be returning to Boston this November 13-15.

Join 150+ senior level complement experts from pharma, biotech and leading research institutions who are all working towards the same goal … to achieve clinical approval of effective complement inhibitors in rare and common disease indications.

This leading Complement-based Drug Development conference provides a platform to share cutting edge data, understand the current clinical landscape and gain feedback from the industry on the right pathways and indications to target to ensure clinical success.

As the number of companies pursuing complement-based therapeutics is growing with rapidly expanding pipelines, the field is set to explode! The time has come to seize the therapeutic opportunity of complement inhibition, not only in rare disorders but also for more common disease indications. This meeting highlights the clinical developments of druggable complement targets from C5 and beyond.

Don’t miss out on your chance to network with the industry leaders, explore methods to improve clinical trial design to manage potential safety risks and identify translatable biomarkers to ensure successful drug approval.

With Novartis, Achillion, Genentech & many more in the mix, will you be there too?